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Sheltered Work Opportunities Project (SWOP)

Sheltered Work Opportunities Project (SWOP)

SWOP was set up in 1990 to provide sheltered work rehabilitation, in a supportive but realistic working environment, for people with mental health issues. There is no upper age limit or restriction on the time that people can stay at SWOP. The charity’s aim is to create a loving community for people who often feel frightened, lonely, isolated and powerless.

Cherry Tree Nursery and Chestnut Nursery produces more than 100,000 high quality garden plants every year and are is well-known in the local community for its friendly atmosphere.
Our volunteers find the nursery a safe and non-threatening place to work, where they can receive support from staff, gain strength from developing friendships with each other, share problems and experiences, and build social networks through working together.

There are many different types of work available, all of which contribute to the running of the nursery and to the strengthening of a mutually self-supporting community. Confidence is boosted through the knowledge that all play a part in keeping a thriving, popular and successful nursery project running.

The Nurseries offer a unique service addressing the needs of the whole person and in addition to the work opportunities we also offer:-
  • on site support by the local Citizens Advice Service
  • access to courses on health & well-being
  • access to the RHS Level 1 Award in Practical Horticulture
  • support with travel expenses
  • special funding for emergency purposes
  • debt & budgeting support
  • help with accommodation, furniture and clothing
Registered Charity No. 900325


Contact Sheltered Work Opportunities Project (SWOP)

Contact: Maria Tidy
Mob: 07899 973614
Email: maria@swopcharity.org.uk
Website: https://www.chestnutnursery.org.uk/the-charity/

BH10 7DA