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Birchwood Physiotherapy Poole

Birchwood Physiotherapy

Birchwood Physiotherapy we provide a quality assured service underpinned by up to date research and clinical best practice measures.

We believe in providing a service which not only expertly assesses, diagnoses and treats but also ensures our patients feel educated, empowered and knowledgeable as they progress on their path to full recovery. When treating an injury or condition our ethos is always to treat the whole person, making sure we take into account our patients’ general medical health and overall wellbeing.

Contact Birchwood Physiotherapy

Contact: Alison Tarleton-Hodgson
Tel: 01202 367076
Mob: 07817 550481
Email: physio@bppp.co.uk
Website: physiotherapypoole.co.uk

Alison  Tarleton-Hodgson