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Leading Edge was formed in April 2010 when a group of like-minded entrepreneurs agreed there was a need for a different kind of business group in the Wessex region. The region has many business networking groups, but Leading Edge stands out from the crowd. The success of the group is underpinned by two guiding principles, relationships and collaboration.

The group has strict membership criteria and this helps to maintain the quality of the members and thus the quality of the group. The group meets monthly for breakfast at Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth, the perfect venue for meetings, with amazing views and first class food and service.

In building strong relationships within the group, members develop a mutual respect and trust for each other. This allows them to discuss sensitive business issues and challenges openly and freely at meetings, in the knowledge that the information goes no further. In helping each other to be the best in their field, members have the confidence to refer business to each other as their trusted professional partners.

People prefer to do business with Leading Edge members, confident that they will get reliability, integrity, good value and quality, with the strength of the group to back that up.

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